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I'm a life-long vegetarian, and love to create tasty recipes. Come check out the vegetarian board I lead at ParentSoup. All the delicious recipes from that board are available in my Online Cookbook. Check it out--it's continually being updated! Banners

My pride and joy is my daughter, Kaitlyn Marie. She was born 7/24/97, and is the coolest thing that's ever happened to me! I just love being a mom. Of course, her birthdate in July of 97 has led to the formation of some wonderful online friends, our common bonds being our July 97 babies. You guys, you're all so special. Thanks for being there for us, your advice, laughter, tears, and all those cute kid stories mean the world to me.

When I'm not busy caring for Kaitlyn, I enjoy cross-stitch, cooking, scrapbooking, sewing (kid clothes, of course!), playing the violin, collecting Beanie Babies, and messing around on the computer.

I have been a classical violinist since I was 3 years old. I never have enough time to play, but dearly love relaxing with my music. I also sing in a small chamber ladies' chorus.


Parent Soup
My favorite place to go when I have questions about raising my baby, or any other aspect of family life! I am the leader of the Vegetarian Living Board, so please stop by and join our lively arena.
Vegetarian Living Board Cookbook
Link to the continually updated cookbook of recipes compiled from Parentsoup's Vegetarian Living Board.
Veggies Unite!
A good, searchable index of vegie recipes. Great when you just can't decide what to make for dinner tonight!
Mama's Kitchen
Ragu pasta sauce website. Cool contests, and info galore about their products. Great place to get quick, delizioso recipes using Ragu products.
Elizabeth Lee Designs
Wonderful collection of patterns to sew your own nursing garments. I've made several outfits for myself and really love them.
Hallmark Cards
Send a free electronic greeting to that special someone. Now! Easier than shopping in a store to find that perfect card!
Kaitlyn's baby page
All the latest stats, plus a cute picture!
Children's Music Web
Harmony Hollow Bell Works
Cool place to go if you have a desire to make some noise!
Minnesota Public Radio
Home of fine programming, including Prairie Home Companion.
Sponsor of the Beandex, seen above. Great collectors newsletter and software!
Ty Beanie Babies
Ty's website of Beanie Babies and other Ty products.
eToys - the Internet's Biggest Toy Store - carries over 5,000 toys, 500 children software titles and 300 video
Sew Baby
Fabulous catalog and website. A must for anyone who wants to sew children's clothing. THE MOST adorable patterns for baby and childrens garments. Love this one!!!
Leanne's Shady Cottage
Great page with vegetarian information. Banners

Susan Mercy

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